About Us

The Healthy Hearth, LLC is a family owned business located in Kent, Washington. Our small, homespun company creates Magickal and Spiritual goods for homes and the folks who live there. We have over 10 years experience in 'Kitchen Witchery' and designing Spiritual products. As members of the Pagan community and as a business, we aspire to utilize that experience by designing distinct products that will enhance, and bring life to your Magickal workings.

We are secure in the belief that although we can not guarantee that our products will bring you love, money, or any other physical or emotional stature; you will notice a unique difference in our products that can be attributed to the time and consideration that goes into the creation of our wares.

All of our products are handcrafted with ingredients derived from Nature herself. We combine essential oils and herbs with our own original recipes while crafting each item in sacred space. Our products are created during their corresponding Moon cycles and enchanted with purpose so that they may be used alone or as an accompaniment to your Magickal workings. The first line of Magickal products we are introducing is the 'Victorian Gothic' line. Inspired by the Victorian era, these intoxicating blends encompass the elegance and simplicity that this era defined.

Blessed Be the Hearth & Home, the Heart remains though the Spirit roams...

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